Nicola Sturgeon

The Scottish Government policy paper calls for Scotland to remain within the EU’s Single Market – either as part of the UK or as a special economic zone with similar status to the North of Ireland. It argues that outside the Single Market Scotland will suffer a loss of 80,000 jobs, a collapse in productivity and an 8.9 per cent contraction in GDP by 2030 and an annual fall in wages of £2,000 a head (£20,000 in total by 2030). It claims that the further liberalisation of markets within the EU, particularly in services and finance, offers great opportunities for Scotland.

Scotland’s Place in Europe: People, Jobs and Investment
15 January 2018


Theresa May

Ahead of the resumption of EU negotiations in March and a policy statement in February Theresa May has issued a briefing paper to Cabinet outlining an economic and security partnership with the EU and the need for rules that ‘create a level playing field with the EU’- shorthand for the maintenance of EU competition rules and key elements of the Single Market.

Cabinet Briefing 
15 January 2018


Jeremy Corbyn

Speaking on ITV on 14 January Corbyn ruled out staying in the single market because doing so would be “dependent on membership of the European Union”. He expressed concern about the single market’s drawbacks. “There are also aspects of the single market one wants to think about such as the restrictions on state aid to industry, which is something that I would wish to challenge.” He also made clear that the Labour Party is not supporting another referendum on the EU but wants MPs to be able to vote on any deal struck between Westminster and Brussels.

ITV Interview
15 January 2018

ROSE was formed to bring together those in the trade union and Labour movement who want to campaign for a post-Brexit settlement that protects and enhances workers’ rights both at work and politically in terms of the freedom of Scottish governments to advance democratic control and public ownership.

Our core principles are, 
•    the enhancement of workers’ rights in Scotland
•    internationalism and solidarity with all those across Europe struggling against austerity and privatisation.